achievement board


Achievement for students attending Educ8 varies as much as the Educ8 offer itself and what can seem as a small step to one student would be classed as a major achievement to others.

Awards for 100% attendance and outstanding achievements are presented at our annual celebration events and these numbers increase each year as it becomes more difficult to separate individuals.

We have worked with students who have not attended educational provision for over two years who have become 100% attenders.

We have students recognised as Outstanding Students of the Year as awarded by Leeds Colleges.

The student who was thrilled when he gained a C in his Biology module and the student and his Mum who were thrilled that he was actually enjoying and achieving within his placement and the impact that had on their home life.

The student who went from “ I never speak in front of others” to voluntary work for a year with West Yorkshire Police.

We have a number of certificates, awards, case studies and thank you letters which recognise achievement and these are available in the centre. As an organisation we recognise the day to day achievement for every student and ensure we encourage, support, recognise and reward all accomplishment.