performance indicators

Overall results:

2009 – 2010
62.6% of Educ8 students achieved or exceeded their target grades

2010 – 2011
68.4% of Educ8 students achieved or exceeded their target grades

2011 – 2012
To be confirmed – data collection in progress

Number of learners:

The total number of learners supported by Educ8 over recent years is as follows:

2009 – 2010
68 learners

2010 – 2011
83 learners

2011 – 2012
79 learners


2009 – 2010
Average attendance 82.66%

2010 – 2011
Average attendance 75.2%

** Please note that a significant number of learners attending Educ8 have had poor attendance history **

Quality Assurance Feedback

Teaching and Learning was observed as GOOD by the Children Leeds 14 to 19 Team in April 2012

Parental Feedback

We always welcome and continually strive to take on board the comments and feedback provided by our learners and their parents and carers.

In 2012:

96.7% of parents/carers judged our provision as GOOD or EXCELLENT

98.44% of parents/carers felt that their child had benefitted from their placement at Educ8

Response rate from parental questionnaires was 68.6%

Examples of Learner Feedback:

  • Educ8 has helped me to learn better. They treat me like an adult and the one to one support has helped me to understand more of my subjects
  • Friendly and supportive
  • I really enjoy it here. I can concentrate more and get qualifications such as GCSE and OCN that will help me get a place at college
  • The staff are really helpful and they have helped with my work and also things like interview skills, applications and I have even improved my behaviour
  • I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t come here
  • I would like to attend more days
  • Can I stay on after Year 11

Improvement and personal development:

Qualifications are vitally important and can be easily measured, but more often than not, the true impact of our work is the softer areas of development which are sometimes very difficult to measure. Examples of other key areas that Educ8 impact upon and are always evident are:

  • Improved attendance
  • Improved behaviour
  • Increased self esteem
  • Better timekeepers
  • More independent learners
  • Improved self esteem
  • Better placed to move forward, personally, socially and employability
  • Positivity towards education and progression
  • Breaking negative cycles for some

Our work does not only have a direct impact on young people and learners, but the positive feedback and regular communication provided to parents and carers also helps to promote better and improved home lives.