success stories
educ8-ElliottElliot joined Educ8 during the latter stages of Year 11 after a period of personal difficulty which led to a drop in school attendance.

Elliot was always identified as a bright, intellectual and academic student who had the potential to achieve some exceptional GCSE results and progress easily to Level 3 qualifications.

Elliot was an independent learner and although he was making progress at home, school felt that he would benefit from some input and support from Educ8. The flexibility and informal atmosphere at Educ8 helped to reengage Elliot into an educational setting, his attendance quickly improved and he benefitted from the coaching support on offer. He was shy and retiring at first but gradually over time, Elliot settled well into the routine at Educ8 and his academic progress was marvellous to see. He achieved an A* on his Business Studies coursework within a matter of weeks – mainly due to his own work ethic and business acumen.

Elliot completed his exams at Educ8, taking advantage of our transfer candidate arrangements and he went on to achieve some excellent results.

Although Elliot did progress to college, he took the decision that it was not for him. I am pleased to report however, he has followed his interest in Business and is now an acting Manager at a local Frozen Yoghurt retailer, gaining valuable leadership and business experience. We are sure that he will run his own business empire in the very near future.

Educ8-successLauren joined us in September 2010 and stayed with us for two years.

In her first year Lauren achieved an Open College certificate, building up confidence ( and courage) to complete her Speaking and Listening unit, designing, constructing, marketing and selling for her Enterprise unit, shopping ,cooking and paying bills for her Personal Budgeting unit and surviving away from home for her Independent living unit. Lauren needed to complete seven units in her first year but actually built up enough evidence to achieve nine and fifty performance points for her school.

Year two and we saw Lauren really build on her confidence and communication to the extent that nothing was going to hold her back. She would make us all laugh on a weekly basis as she challenged herself to take part in some of the more extreme physical activities for her Taking Part in Sport unit managing to reach the second rung of the ladder complete with safety harness and rope-the idea was to climb the ladder to get to the start point for the activity!

Lauren never arrived without a smile even coming after spending the night in hospital and always gave her best. She completed the Open College Diploma with additional units and one hundred performance points for her school. Lauren achieved a 100% attendance and punctuality record for two years and was one of our outstanding student award winners.

What made Lauren stand out from the others was her independent way of working – she produced evidence on flip charts, card, and folders – in fact anything but A4 paper! One of our proudest moments was after a court visit and a meeting with West Yorkshire police for her Law and Order unit Lauren applied for a volunteering placement on the police Explorer programme. She was accepted after a very rigorous selection process and completed her placement as she finished her time with us. To come from where Lauren started to become an active volunteer within every aspect of police work and to move towards looking at a career with the police is testament to a very special and hardworking young lady and the support of her family.

Umare joined us in year 11 and by his own admission didn’t much care for speaking in front of others, for presenting and interviewing or for doing much written work.

Our hook in with Umare was that he actually enjoyed coming and that each week he earned a positive phone call home to Mum. The weekly calls and Mums enormous support coupled with sports sessions really started to make a positive impact on Umare and he very quickly began to see the benefits of hard work.

Following an induction session for a local gym as part of his Taking Part in Sport unit Umare actually found out about and joined his local gym. He began to encourage others to take part in sporting activities and keeping fit and healthy very quickly became one of his passions. Following a court visit for his Law and Order unit he began to write up a report from the view point of a number of people he had met on that occasion and did more writing ” than I have ever done in my life”. Success started to breed success and he quickly gained his Open College certificate and fifty performance points for his school. He was part of a group who won Educ8s first ‘Outstanding group of student’s award ‘and enjoyed a day swimming and ice skating at Doncaster Dome. He was also proud of his 100% attendance award.

As part of his Taking Part in an Interview, Preparation for Work and Time Management units Umare took part in a range of activities designed to prepare learners for the world of work. From the individual who started with us and who would have initially avoided opportunities such as these he actually ‘won’ the job which was the outcome for all these activities. On completion of year 11 he returned to Educ8 as an employee and supported and delivered to a group of KS3 learners. His input was key to their success as he mapped out his own journey and encouraged and supported them to succeed. He did promise to treat his Mum with some of his final wages!

Michael joined Educ8 at the back end of Year 10, initially attending two days a week. He was a young man who had lost his motivation for school, his attendance was low and he had been involved in a number of issues in school which led to a referral to us.

He was a bright young man with potential to achieve some good outcomes but he was certainly in a position where he felt disillusioned with school and in a negative cycle.

At first his attendance at Educ8 was sporadic, but eventually Michael started to really engage with us and started to see the value of the work he was doing and how much he could complete and achieve. Although he would never admit it, he benefited enormously from some positive messages home and plenty of individual praise and feedback. Michael quickly asserted himself as one of our most willing learners and he became very independent in his studies and even directed his own learning. He even started to attend an extra day in Year 11.

Michael engaged well with his core subjects and his BTEC Business course, as well as achieving the OCN Level 1 Step Up Award. As well as achieving a set of qualifications that at one stage in Year 10 seemed improbable, Michael also made huge strides forward socially and towards the end of his time with us, he was working exceptionally hard to gain an apprenticeship or full time employment as his progression route.

At our Annual Presentation Evening – Michael won our Business Student of the Year! A fantastic moment which made his parents extremely proud!