“Staff at Educ8 are always polite and helpful. You can spend more time on your work and get on with it on your own.
There is more space and it helps me to be an independent learner”

“You do more things and I do more work here than anywhere else. I understand work here because it is explained to me”

“It is easier to work here one to one and I can focus better as no one disrupts me”

“Educ8 has helped turn my life around”

“I think you should be proud of yourself for the caring support you give them. Well done”
Off-site Co-ordinator

“The standard of work produced was certainly above that the learners would have achieved in school”
Leader of English

“The Educ8 team show a real concern for the students in their care and provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere”
Head of House

“Turned around the life chances of many a student and have also delivered success. In the last round of results, all students who were supported by Educ8 exceeded their FFT predicted grades”
Deputy Headteacher

“Can I please say a huge thank you for all of the work you and your team did to support our student and also for the support you showed to us here at school in attempting to find some coherence in this difficult and complex case. It was – and remains – very much appreciated”

“Educ8 were an answer to my prayers”

“A big thank you to all the staff for taking the time, effort and patience in teaching my child over the last year. He has secured a place at college and a part time job with a plumbing firm”

“My daughter would most likely no longer be in mainstream education if were not for Educ8. She has come on leaps and bounds and has matured personally too”

“The level of input my child and I have received has been outstanding. The level of communication between myself as a parent and the staff has been exceptional”

“The staff at Educ8 are always ready and willing to discuss specific needs and will adapt provision wherever possible.”
Inclusion and Attendance Officer

“I still regard your practice as the benchmark!”
Another external provider

“The Educ8 staff team have a particularly proactive approach to the participation of young people in new activities and experiences, and towards enabling the ‘voices’ of the young people they work with to be heard”
University Researcher