key stage 3


Following two successful pilots Educ8 are now in the position to offer accredited KS3 projects.

The projects are individualised and designed around the learners and the school. The sessions are split in to three distinct opportunities spread throughout the academic year and the thread through all three strands of the work is the successful reintegration back in to school.

The work will focus on accrediting key skills, health and fitness, enterprise, and behaviour management with learners able to achieve the OCN Award (6 credits and 12.5 performance points) within the first strand of the work. Unit selection and focus will be determined by individual needs and following discussion with learners. Involvement of families and carers and work back in the host school are built in to all strands of the work but with a strong focus on support back in school within the second strand.

All work will be personalised and within the final strand it is possible for learners to work towards achieving the OCN certificate (21 credits and 50 performance points). It is feasible to deliver some of this work outside of school hours.

Because of the diverse needs of both learners and schools around this work we would invite any interested parties to come and have a look around and to discuss. We are happy to put together a bespoke package with materials personalised to your school or organisation.

This provision is available to individual learners or discrete groups.

For further details, please contact